“My friend asked Jesus into her heart after one week in the Created for Purpose Bible Study.  Thank you for laying out the Gospel message in your books!”

∼ Anne F. ∼

“Since I had the opportunity to hear you speak, thoughts of your talk have been a part of my everyday life.  I only went to the Christmas dinner at Fairview because my daughter-in-law to be asked me to join her, I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay home with my dear sweet husband who very sadly is battling advanced cancer, but I went.  Then, it was your time to speak.  The first thing that came to my mind was ‘Unless this woman has the cure for cancer, I don’t care what she had to say.’  Then, you walked to the stage and I thought ‘Ok, well super cute dress!’ As you spoke, to me ‘cute dress girl’ became ‘very interesting girl.’ Then, you said, what I wanted to hear my entire marriage.  When you made the decision to serve your husband, and how that changed your relationship with him.  My friend and colleagues have mocked my commitment to my husband.  When you mentioned that it is good and right to serve your husband, I wanted to stand up and cheer!  As my husband and I go through this cancer struggle, never has it been more important event for me to attend  than that dinner that night.   God knew I needed to hear you speak.  Well, please know that ‘cute dress girl’ became so very important to me.  I think of you everyday and pray for you as you minister to others.  Thank you for being such an example of God to me!!”

∼ Sherry F. ∼

“When I close the back cover of other studies I walk away with new knowledge. When I close the back cover of YOUR studies I walk away CHANGED.”

∼ Amy M. ∼

“I can’t tell you how much the WIFFS (Women in Faith and Friendship) are enjoying this study, Created for Purpose. Every week women make the comment that it’s meant so much to their lives.  Last night, in fact, I had a husband come up and tell me how much he’s learning from his wife!”

∼ Jayne C. ∼

“I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for speaking to all of us last night at Hope.  I spend this morning with God and am overwhelmed with hearing what He has to say.  I needed the tissues you recommended as I was on my knees repeating, ‘God I am broken, heal me!’  Thank you for all the work that you do.  You are so needed by so many women!”

∼ Erin M. ∼

“Thank you for being obedient in agreeing to be the speaker for the Purpose Conference at Ft. Caswell. You brought such a good message in such a delightful way, and I felt Him telling me to get down on my knees during my quiet time!  I absolutely loved how we ended the conference on our knees!! Thank you for sharing your story, which I know isn’t easy, but I know it encouraged so many women!! What a great weekend. To God be the glory!  I pray our paths cross again!”

∼ J.J. ∼

“WOW!  What an encouraging message you delivered.  You have wonderful testimony and a powerful anointing from the Lord to train up ladies in the power of prayer and intimacy with the Lord.  You are so animated and a gifted public speaker as well . . . . Have heard several positive testimonies from our ladies about how your talk and their subsequent time with the Lord has positively impacted their lives, myself included!”

∼ Susan J. ∼

“Your talk this morning was one of the best I have ever heard and spoke to me, and ultimately made me want what you’ve got (more of Jesus and a healed marriage)!  Thank you for sharing and for your ministry.  God has really blessed you with this wonderful gift of reaching and teaching women!”

∼ Dawn M. ∼

“Tara, your obedience has blessed many lives. . . . You are strengthening many believers.”

∼ Suzi M. ∼

“I was overwhelmingly blessed again at the Making a Difference Women and Girls Conference.  I praise God  that KGM is such a Jesus centered ministry!  Praise God for Tara and her heart for the Lord and that she has surrounded herself with a team of such godly women.”

∼ Brenda V. ∼

“Love your emails, they are so encouraging and eye-opening and sometimes knife in the heart (which is what I need many times).”

∼ Julie F. ∼

“God is speaking.  Are you ready to listen?  Walking through the pages of this journal causes you to pause, ponder, and prepare your heart to hear His precious voice.”

∼ Cindy Bolden, Cary, NC
Teaching Director, Community Bible Study ∼

“Tara Furman’s Intimacy with God: Your Daily Guide to Prayer has been a blessing to me and my family and friends.  I have given it as a Christmas gift to my mother and sister.  They love and treasure it as well.  I carried it to the hospital to two friends whose husbands were very sick and both friends said it was just what they needed during that difficult time.  Tara’s presentation at FUMC-Cary was a blessing to so many people who now are growing in intimacy with God on a daily basis.  Thanks be to God!”

∼ Linda Hodges, Morrisville, NC
Prayer Ministry Coordinator, First United Methodist Church, Cary ∼

Intimacy with God: A Daily Guide to Prayer is one of the most valuable tools in my spiritual tool box.  Each section reminds me of the richness that God desires to have in His relationship with me.  The “Listening” section has been invaluable in teaching me to hear the voice of God, and rereading it shows me that God still speaks!”

∼ Amy Carroll
Holly Springs, NC
Proverbs 31 Ministries
Speaker and Writer ∼

“Wow!  What can I say except Glory to God!  This prayer journal has been life-changing for me!  I use it every day, and my time alone with Jesus is phenomenal!  I have FINALLY found the way to hear from God!  I tell EVERYONE I come in contact with about it and have bought a few for Christmas!  Thanks for sharing such a valuable tool we need to deepen our Intimacy with Jesus!”

∼ Saralyn Fowler, Bible Teacher
Holly Springs, NC ∼

“The Intimacy with God journal has truly organized my prayer life!  Prior to using it, I would often search for past entries for days, now I simply turn to the labeled section and find things within minutes.  In addition, being able to confess sin, record His teachings and pray more earnestly for friends and family has truly blessed me!  This is a great prayer tool, I highly recommend it!”

∼ Nicolette King, Cary, NC
Bible Teacher ∼

“Journaling has increased my faith as I can look back and see God’s hand in answered prayer.  It has helped me to recognize the Lord’s voice and develop better listening skills.  Tara’s journal took this even a step further adding organization to all my prayer requests and covering all areas of prayer.  It was an answer to prayer.  I also am able to stay more focused during my prayer time when I journal; another huge blessing.  Prayer and God’s Word are a true delight to me now.”

∼ Tricia Cullen, Cary, NC ∼

“My nieces who cam to the Mother/Daughter Retreat have been doing the Intimacy with God Study, which they have really enjoyed.  They started a Bible Study at their school on Thursday mornings!!”

∼ Amy Cooke, Camp Willow Run, NC ∼

“My quiet time just hasn’t been what it needs to be lately so I pulled out my journal again to look through past writings.  It really is amazing how much deeper and meaningful my quiet time is when I take the time to journal and be intentional with my morning time with God.  Thank you for sharing your insights about prayer and quiet time!”

∼ Marnie Albertson, Cameron, NC ∼