Girls Night Out

 GNO heartHost Your Own Girls Night Out!  (GNO)

GNO heartWhat is GNO?   GNO is a fun-filled, memory making Mother/Daughter, 2 hour event.     The goal of GNO is to come along beside you (the Mom and or organization planning the event) to intentionally provide you with tools that will enable you to consistently pass Jesus to the next generation.  GNO will make a lasting impact on both you and your daughter.

GNO heartWhat age is GNO geared toward? Mothers and Daughters (girls age 8-13.)

GNO heartWho could host a GNO Event?  GNO Events can be hosted in churches, home settings or anyone desiring to make a difference in their corner of the world by intentionally passing the gospel to the next generation.

GNO heartWhat will participants gain by attending a GNO?  This unique event will help mothers and daughters establish the most important relationship they can ever have:  a relationship with Jesus and a vibrant, daily quiet time.  In the two 35 minute sessions, Mothers and Girls will:

  • Hear and understand what it takes to be right with God – salvation through Christ.  Opportunity to receive Christ personally is a part of every GNO Event.
  • Gain practical insight of what the Bible is and the importance of the Bible in our everyday lives –
  • Help participants learn practical, age appropriate suggestions to establishing a vibrant, daily quiet time
  • Give the girls’ practical insight into ‘friend situations,’ if practiced, will help them navigate friendships in Middle and High School.
  • Lead the girls in a hands-on workshop teaching them how to pray using their own Prayer Journal –

GNO heartHow do I host my own GNO Event? The GNO Event Pack is designed to take the guess work out of promotions and planning so you can feel confident in hosting.   This step by step guide provides you with:

  • An Event Planning Template that includes:

♥   Suggested ticket price to cover the cost and for the girls to receive their own Journal

♥   Craft suggestions of a beautiful, easy to make Prayer Pail and Photo Booth set up for sweet memories to be remembered

♥   Dessert/Treat Suggestions

♥   Music/Video Suggestions to create energy and excitement

♥   Based on Bundle chosen:   Two 35 minute sessions with Speaker and Author of the Girl’s Journal – Tara Furman or an outline for a suggested talk and workshop.

♥   Based on Bundle chosen:   Up to 12 Complimentary Girls’ Journals

♥   Promotional Materials:

♥   PDF file for you to use on Social Media/newsletters/ bulletins, etc…

♥   Poster pdf

♥   Event Card pdf

♥   A Promotional Video from Tara to create excitement and participation (can easily be emailed or placed on social media)

♥   Outline to participants for note taking during the first session.

♥   Follow up Suggestions from Tara for Mother’s and their daughters to implement upon returning home –

♥   Follow up Conversation prompts fom Moms to use following GNO to create ongoing meaningful conversation with their daughters.

GNO heartGNO Event Pack Bundles – Details coming soon

GNO heartContact us now to book your own Girls Night Out Event! Email Holly Ladner @ GNO heart

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