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Bible study for women every other week

Community is essential to our lives—especially as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  No matter how strong, independent, and successful we are, there are times when we need the help and encouragement of other believers.

KGM Communities  currently has four Bible Studies to choose from! To Be Told, Philippians, Redeemed, and The Politically Incorrect Wife.

THE STORY Community Study

Led by: Stacey Fjellman

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What’s Your Story?  Everyone has one.  Put another way, everyone’s life is a story.  Our Story is God uniquely working out His greater Story in and through us … For His glory and edifying others.

But how can we edify others if we don’t really know our story…Or haven’t examined it for the threads of His faithfulness…Through the good and the bad.

Join us in a new KGM community where we will unpack our stories through reading, journaling, and sharing insights as we read the book by Dan Allender, To Be Told.

Study: To Be Told, by Dan Allender, PhD  (Purchase from Amazon,, etc.)

When: Every other Wednesday, beginning February 22nd

Time: 10-11:30 am

Who: Women of all ages. To facilitate ample time for sharing, attendance is limited to 5 people. No childcare available.

Where: KGM Offices, 107-C Fountainbrook Ct., Cary, NC

Questions: Stacey at

The Politically Incorrect WifeThe Politically Incorrect Wife

by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby  

♥ Are you in a Marital Gridlock? Find out how to get Unstuck! 

Led by Angie Hathaway

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Do you feel that you are at your wits end with your marriage? This study offers straightforward advice on how to set aside the ways of the self-centered, modern world and become an incorrect wife putting Jesus at the forefront of your relationship.  The principles of The Politically Incorrect Wife include learning to forgive, respecting and honoring one’s husband and putting him first, even before the children.  You will learn to cultivate a joyful marriage using these transformational life changing  spiritual principles.

Get Unstuck!  Sidestep the marital gridlock and start enjoying peace and warmth in your home as walk in the joy and freedom of being a wife – God’s way!

When: Every other Wednesday, beginning January  25th – April 5th

Where: Apex Baptist Church, 110 S. Salem St., Apex, NC  27502

Time:  10:00am – 11:30pm

Who: All women who want to improve their marriage (limit 12—first come, first served). No childcare available.

Cost: $17 for Guidebook  (payable to Angie on first day of class)

Questions: Angie at


by Angela Thomas-Pharr

Grace to Live Every Day Better Than Before 

Led by Melody Merritt and Ellen Stevens

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Every time we say, I can’t, the Bible has already declared, God Can.

Are you thinking that you just can’t do a study right now?  But you really want to and know that you need to be in the Word. It’s time to take an honest inventory of your life and your heart. “Are there places where your life needs to be changed by God’s power? Will you trust the One who loves you for the grace to be changed? God left heaven to save you, heal you, and redeem you.  He knows your struggles, vulnerabilities, and pain.  He knows you cannot change yourself.”

In this 7-session Bible study, Angela Thomas-Pharr explores the practical side of redemption and what it means to experience the grace to live every day better than before.

When: Every other Wednesday, January 18th through April 12th

Time:  10-11:30 am

Where: Apex Baptist Church, 110 S. Salem St., Apex, NC  27502

Who: Women of all ages — class size limited to 16  (no childcare available)

Cost: Purchase your participant guide at any Lifeway Christian Stores or at class the first day for $13.00.

Questions: Melody at

An In-depth Study of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians 

Led by Allyson King 

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The Apostle Paul spent many years traveling throughout Israel and Asia Minor spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  He invested his time and energy to teach them as much as possible before God called him to move on.  As he left a city, Paul usually left behind a group of new believers coming together as a new church.  However, even as he left, Paul did not forget those he brought to the Lord, but he continued to pray for them and communicate with them through letters sent with trusted brothers in Christ.  With every letter, Paul continued to teach them what they needed to know and to encourage them in their new walk of faith.

Join me for a study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians which continues to be a great encouragement for believers.  As we study we’ll see how Paul found joy and peace through his faith in Christ and how we too can find it for our lives.

When: Every other Thursday beginning, January 19th; 10-11:30 am

Where: Allyson’s home — Central Cary

Who: Anyone who wants to study God’s Word — class size limited to 15 (no childcare available)

Cost: $12 (payable to Allyson on 1st day of class)

Questions: Allyson at


For many women, finding this kind of community is not easy.  While they may have great families and friends, they are looking for something deeper and based on their belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are looking for women who will hold them accountable in their faith walk and who will point them to Jesus when they are struggling.  They just need Jesus girls in their lives!