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kgmprayerwall“My soul finds rest in God alone.”  ∼ Psalms 62:1

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Praises0April 28, 2017Details
Overcome Manipulative thoughts3April 25, 2017Details
Emmaus Walk3April 25, 2017Details
Healing5April 25, 2017Details
companion spouse partner6April 10, 2017Details
Son10April 7, 2017Details
Grandfather8April 7, 2017Details
my son8April 4, 2017Details
My daughter 8March 22, 2017Details
Open my womb & peace7March 18, 2017Details
Pray my doctor will accept my workmans comp surgery request.10February 26, 2017Details
Baby will born on April 8 is too small 15February 16, 2017Details
Family13February 10, 2017Details
Healing13February 2, 2017Details
Husband wants to separate13January 31, 2017Details
Healing17January 14, 2017Details
Friend's grown son facing addiction again17January 11, 2017Details
Marriage, Autistic Child/Children 15January 3, 2017Details
Father heal me15December 31, 2016Details
New Job13December 29, 2016Details
blessing14December 27, 2016Details
Recent Miscarriage18December 15, 2016Details
Daughter with chronic illness 19December 13, 2016Details
Salvation22December 12, 2016Details
Faith, grandbaby #13, born Oct 1816December 1, 2016Details
My children20November 20, 2016Details
Prayer for exams16November 14, 2016Details
Painful experience, deeply hurting...20November 10, 2016Details
help please24November 9, 2016Details
Prayer for My Marriage 19November 7, 2016Details
Loss of Child23November 1, 2016Details
Pray for elections7October 21, 2016Details


Joyce Larbi
Thank God Almighty for He has saved me and make me a more conquerors over the world in Jesus Name. Amén

Overcome Manipulative thoughts

I pray that God should always help me to recognised His voice and be the doer of His word even in the midst of the challenges with the mind.

Emmaus Walk

Jinger Thomas
This Thursday I will be attending a 4 day vacation with God as I attend a retreat called The Emmaus Walk. I am excited and Anxious. I request prayers for safe travels and for the gracious Holy Spirit to fill my soul, open my heart and let me receive all God has to give me. I have had a pretty rough couple of years and I welcome prayer for God to speak directly to me giving me clear direction on how he wants me to proceed with my life. Thank you and may God bless you!


Sherrie Cogdell
Please join me in praying for my son to fully recover both physically and emotionally from serious issues. May God give him strength to overcome evil surrounding him and keep him syrong. Thank you.

companion spouse partner

Beth Killilea
I have been a Christian for 14 years, I am living alone and 38 years old. I have been trying to find a lifetime partner for a while now and I feel that I am getting discouraged. I feel that it is part of God's Plan, but I am confused and scared that it is not. I have a strong desire to meet a Christian man who is looking for a Christian wife. I would ask that you pray for me in my search and for discernment that the man I find is a true Christian who loves and wants to serve the Lord. I would like to spend my life with someone and raise a family.


Jinger Thomas
I have a 20 year old son who is battling depression and has a lost soul. Please pray for him to find his way with the help of positive, Christian influences. Please pray for me as well as I struggle with his life choices as they do not align with what is Biblical. Thank you!!!


Please pray for Waitsell Lackey and his wife Donnie. Waitsell was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's and several months ago had a stroke. His speech is impaired and due to his inability to do the things he has always loved doing, he has a short fuse and acts out of character by being disrespectful to his wife. Donnie is truly the sweetest woman and this is breaking her heart and causing stress and anxiety on her. Please pray for healing for Waitsell and strength and love for Donnie. Thank you!

my son

Please pray that my son will return, and grow close to the Lord, and fulfill the call of ministry that is on his life. My heart is broken. Please ask that God will bring a Godly, dedicated woman into his life, and that they will serve God together. Thank you so much for your prayers . I pray God hears and answers your needs too.

My daughter

My heart is broken. I ask for prayer for my daughter; Hannah. Please pray for her spiritual needs. Thank you.

Open my womb & peace

I ask for prayer as my husband and I begin to try again to start our family. After a diagnosis of endometriosis, lap surgery to rid of it, trying on our own, then 3 failed IUI cycles, followed my 4 IVF cycles that consisted of a chemical pregnancy and then a miscarriage at 11 weeks we took a break for healing. We are excited and ready to try again so we just pray that God opens my womb and gives us peace as we try again!

Pray my doctor will accept my workmans comp surgery request.

Please pray for me that my current surgeon will accept my workmans compensation forms and commit to operate on my damaged shoulder. There happens to be many, many forms to fill out to accept a workmans comp. injury claim. Currrently at Duke there are NO shoulder surgeons who accept workmans comp., due to all the legal paperwork. I was injured at Duke, and now no Duke doctor will help me! I am in so much pain. There use to be at least 3 shoulder surgeons who took w/comp claims, and now the paper work is so involved that all the Duke doctors refuse to accept w/comp claims.

Baby will born on April 8 is too small

Please pray for my baby due on Abril 8, the placenta has not been feeding him enough and looks small


Priscilla Westbrook
Please pray that my three daughters and their husband will be transformed from the inside out and have a close relationship with Jesus and live according to the Bible.


First of all thank you for praying for my sister Lili, she still needs prayer for her healing, she has too many issues and doctors can't identify what's really wrong with her. Please pray for her. Thank you so much from my heart, Amparo

Husband wants to separate

Debbie Jolley
I've been married for 23 years and last October my husband told me he was done and wanted a divorce. This brought to my knees and back to the Lord. I had drifted far away. My husband is a Christian but not walking with the Lord. He is a good man but I believe he has been blinded and deceived by Satan. I am praying and standing for restoration of my marriage. We are still living together (but in separate bedrooms) but planning on selling our house and separating. I sense a softening in my husband towards me. Please pray for restoration of my marriage and for us to begin a NEW marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I love my husband very much and do NOT want to separate (or divorce) but I have given it all to God and will stand for my marriage as long as it takes. Thank you!


Amparo Munoz
My sister has been very sick physically and emotionally, doctors are very concerned and they are waiting for blood, scans tests to dIscard the idea that could be cancer, please pray she has no cancer or any illness that couldn't be cured, her name is Maria. I think you very much and Gos bless you.

Friend's grown son facing addiction again

My friend's son in his 20's was addicted to opioids. He went through rebab and was sober. He then crushed his foot/ankle and after surgery was put on pain medication. She can't get involved because if his age but he is now addicted to pain meds and has returned to seeking drugs on the street. She is unsure how to help him and very stressed out.

Marriage, Autistic Child/Children

I believe in the power of prayer! Please pray that the Lord will draw my husband and I closer and communicate better. Strengthen me as I work to help my children with the challenges caused by autism. Strengthen my mind as pressures, expectations and emotional struggles present themselves each day. Heal my body from chronic pain. Enhance, renew and refresh my mind, abilities and creativity as I homeschool my children. Most importantly, pray that the Lord will empower me and help me to abide in Him and grow in Him even more. Bless all those who have it in their hearts to pray for me, my family and others.

Father heal me

Jilian Rose
Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy on us, forgive all OUR sins (me, daughter, husband), Deliver me from devil's clutches & set my mind free from all evil-unwanted thoughts. Touch-heal our mind, body & soul. Remove evil-stony heart of my husband. Break him completely to repent. Destroy all evil plans. Keep my daughter healthy & happy, help her in study, give her wisdom-knowledge. Protect us from all evil- illness-infections. Provide me finance. Protect me at my job place,shower YOUR peace & love, Hide identity. IJN Amen

New Job

Please pray for my husband as he looks for a new job.


sathish hari
Pray for me to mingle with friends,relatives&society.let me speak fluently.pray for me to overcome my father&world in jesus name.

Recent Miscarriage

I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. I was almost 7 weeks. I'm still struggling. Im trying so hard to block the memories of something I never want to forget. I'm so thankful for my two healthy girls. I have four close friends that have announced their pregnancies recently. It is a constant reminder. I don't blame God, but I find myself questioning His plan. Please pray for healing, comfort, and peace during this Christmas season.

Daughter with chronic illness

My daughter has been battling inflammatory bowel disease for 2 years with limited relief from medications. Praying for healing and direction for doctors caring for her.


Pray for my eyes to be open and for me to find salvation.

Faith, grandbaby #13, born Oct 18

Cindy Wiest
Faith has club feet. She had her second set of casts put on on Monday. They said her club feet are atypical and she will be in casts, changed each week longer than originally expected. Then she will need surgery and then she will be in braces for at least 4 years. She is also not growing as she should, her body yes, but her head is not growing ... pray she gets into a neurologist ASAP, and they figure out what is going on with her head. Thank you for praying for her.

My children

Lisa Langford
I would like to request prayer for my 24 year old daughter to get to know the Lord and become a responsible adult. My 18 year old college freshman to make wise choices and become the leader that God wants him to be.

Prayer for exams

Please pray for Mariana Brewer as she takes a college nursing exam today. She must make an 85 or greater to continue in the program at Cederville University. Thank You!

Painful experience, deeply hurting...

I've recently walked through one of the more painful experiences of my adult life. My pastor, and boss developed romantic feelings for me and unfortunately began to pursue an emotional affair. I've had to remove myself from the ministry resulting in not only the loss of income, but also the loss of a ministry that was so dear to me. Further it has broken my heart, and caused such pain and confusion in regards to pastors, sin, and their ability to deeply hurt the very sheep they are called to shepherd and protect. I realize that pastors are sinners too and tempted in all of the same ways the rest of us are, it just hurts in an unimaginably deep and personal way to feel as though I am the greatest casualty of his sin. His choices have directly affected myself and my family in so many ways and there is so much injustice here, however I need to find my way towards forgiveness, and wholeness once again. I would also like to ask that his marriage and ministry be lifted up. It's truly no surprise that the enemy would deceive him in such a way… just another reminder of the importance of lifting up our pastors and church leaders, as the enemy would like nothing more than to destroy beautiful ministries, and the lives and families of those called to lead them.

help please

jasmine wade
I have been lifting my marriage up to the Lord and I need help. We want to have better communication so we may enjoy our youth. Thanks a million!

Prayer for My Marriage

Paul Richman
Been with my wife for 12 years..she fell in love with her married boss at work and left me 18 months ago...great news..because of Rom 8:28 I am now closer to God & Jesus than ever in my walk with them...not sure what God has in store for us..been praying for 18 months plus the Church prays also..please also pray for Angela and myself. If only God would bring her back the RIGHT WAY...with a choice to be Godly and to love Jesus..yes and to be submissive..I would forgive her as Jesus would want me to and thus we could be a unified parental partnership for our 11 yr old daughter...please pray hard for us and THANK YOU...God continue to BLESS your awesome ministry richly & often...

Loss of Child

anon anon
Please pray for my neighbor, Lorraine, and her family who recently lost her son who was in a car accident.

Pray for elections

Kim anon
Please join me in praying for our nation as we vote for our leaders. Pray that people will enter the polls with grateful hearts that we have a democratic system, remembering it is a privilege and responsibility to vote. Pray for those elected and that the Lord will be glorified. For me, it seems we will need miracles, but through Christ, all things are possible.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.