2018 Exciting Events and Vision!

For the last three months, I’ve been praying about God’s direction for KGM in 2018.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I know He’s directing us toward His Word.  To make 2018  all – about – His Word.

God’s Word is alive and active.  It’s not boring or irrelevant.  Every single issue we struggle with is addressed in some way, shape or form in the Bible.  So in 2018, we will focus on being women of the Word…

Stay in His word daily and you will see transformation in your life, peace of mind and clarity.

“These are not just idle words for you – [the Bible].
They are your life.”
Deuteronomy 32:46-47

The Luncheons…  will be all about the Word.  We’ll be having two luncheons before the summer months.

  • February 2nd and May 11th.
  • Fall Dates:  September 7, October 12, November 16, December 14
  • The Luncheons will be life application Bible teachings.  We’ve asked our speakers to choose a woman in the Bible we can make modern application from.
  • Because of the generosity of an anonymous donor, February’s  Luncheon is $15 if you pre-register!!!  Thank you Jesus!

ONE WOMAN Conference: March 9-10th.  

The difference one woman can make in her corner of the world when she knows Jesus is profound.

  • The theme:  Relentless.  Let’s face it, to live the Bible in our culture will require us to be courageous and  relentless.  Relentless to live as strangers.  Relentless to have our quiet time.  Relentless to stand strong and live the Word when we may be the only one…


  • Our speakers are the epitome of Relentless.  Most of all of them are strong, determined, courageous, relentless women.   Most have testimonies that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck.  The fact they’re where they are – doing what they’re doing is nothing short of God’s hand upon them.  They’re women who are living for Jesus in the real world – making a difference in the corner they’ve been assigned.  I’ll introduce them in future blogs.  Each of them inspire me.  Can’t wait for you to meet them!
  • Early Registration is HERE

Bible Studies and Workshops…  

this winter and spring we’re hosting Bible studies and workshops to encourage discipleship and community between women.


  • Prayer Making a Difference in Child’s Life
  • Studying God’s Word with Confidence
  • Spiritual Warfare; What does the Battle Look Like?
  • How to Lead a Bible Study

Bible Studies:

  • Created for Purpose
  • Esther;  The Providence of God
  • Knowing your Identity in Christ

Mother/Daughter 2018

We’re still working on the venue and the date.  Aiming for fall – October or early November.  Stay tuned!





It’s going to be a great 2018!   JOIN US in knowing God better and living our faith.  After all, the world desperately needs our Jesus.


Author: Tara

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