Books About the Bible vs THE Bible


Jeremiah 29:13-14,
“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.  I will be found by you,” declares the Lord…

Ten years ago, a woman approached me following a MOPS event.  I had just finished sharing my testimony and Biblical principles for marriage.   In a kind, but somewhat of a snarky tone, she gently shared that it seemed I was reading more booksabout” the Bible than the Bible itself.

She was right.

That very afternoon, I went to my local Christian bookstore and stood in the Bible section, determined to find a translation that spoke in a more modern, relevant language than the Bible I currently owned.    Though I had spent over a decade of my life in Bible Study Fellowship, I had no idea where to start.    I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed as I looked at shelf upon shelf of Bibles.  There were so many choices.

Suddenly, this little red Bible on the bottom shelf caught my attention.  It was an NLT Daily Reading Chronological Bible.   At first glance, it was a little scary.  There were no study notes. (Lord help!)  And there were no commentaries anywhere in the little Bible.  It was simply raw Scripture.

Prompted to move past my fear, I bought that little Bible.  The next morning, I flipped to the day’s reading and began.  While I tried not to be so regimented about each day’s reading plan, (Lord knows you can get lost in Leviticus and the minor prophets),  I grew to love that little Bible.  I would even take it to the pool with me on summer afternoons when I took my children.

Years later, I find myself continuing to pick up that Bible from time to time.  And while I’m not reading it currently, I refer back to it when things get stale and dry in my time with God.  God always seems to meet me on the pages of His Word.

I believe He’ll meet anyone on the pages of whatever Bible you may have as  long as you’re willing to open and read the pages.  The Bible says that He will be found by us when we seek Him with our whole heart.  (Jer. 29:14)

While I still love books written about the Bible, (I’m reading one now that someone gave me for Christmas and lovin’ it!),  nothing comes close to the spiritual feast of simply reading God’s Word.

Each morning, before I start my day, I pick up my Bible, place it on my lap and read it.  I may read only a few verses or a few paragraphs or a few chapters.  But God is faithful to meet me on the pages of Scripture.  He fills the voids in my heart unlike anyone or anything else can.

As we start 2018 together, I want to challenge you to do the same:  Get into God’s Word.

It will change your life!

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