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My soul finds rest in God alone.
Psalms 62:1


Words cannot adequately express the deepest and heartfelt joy felt by the families in Seven Springs, NC after being devastated by Hurricane Matthew.  JOY, you ask?    The difference in the lives of 13 families were generously impacted only 4 days before Christmas because of the churches and families selflessly sharing their resources to help this community rebuild.

When Hurricane Matthew hit our state, Knowing God Ministries reacted.  What could we do? How can we help? Who is need? One of our team members lives in Wayne County and immediately saw the needs and knew of communities that were destroyed. One of those communities was in Seven Springs, NC.

The fate of the Seven Springs community is now in the hands of the state. “Will it ever be restored? Will it ever exist again?” These were the questions that were asked when meeting with Mayor Stephen Potter.

Mayor Stephen Potter tearfully shared the devastation that this quaint little town endured when Hurricane Matthew destroyed the oldest town in Wayne County on October 8, 2016.  He never expected the flood waters to rise so high. No one saw it coming. He began to reminisce as we stood in front of his abandoned home.

“After Hurricane Floyd flooded Seven Springs in 1999, about half of the residents left and never came back.  The place where the Tuscarora tribe once fished, hunted and dominated was rebranded by English settlers as the center of life. Its numerical nomenclature derives itself from the water source that made it famous. Seven freshwater springs flowed into the semi-famous resort that once operated here.  Guests would travel far and wide to draw, bottle and drink water from the seven sources – there actually were more than seven, all said to have different mineral contents – at one of the two hotels in town. The legendary salve was credited with curing cancer, alleviating pain and regrowing hair.  This town was a place where locking the front door was always unheard of and a neighbor was an extension of the family. Courting was done on the dance floor of a back porch and Southern – style country cooking was a few steps away at the favorite Seven Springs restaurant. I fear losing this town as only 50 residents have committed to returning.”

“With no bank, post office and the emergency rescue now relocating to neighboring towns, what will drive this village,” he wondered. “This town’s fate hangs in the balance.”

Mayor Potter pointed to the camper that was placed in his back yard. He and his ailing mother have been living there since after the storm. He said, I’m staying here.  I’m not leaving.  There is beautiful history here. Our forefathers fought to obtain this village.  This town matters to me.” Mayor Potter couldn’t believe that perfect strangers would extend their gifts and resources to a town they never visited, to people they had never met.  The churches in Dunn, Benson & Raleigh collected over $2000 in gift cards to give to those families who lost everything in the storm.  These congregations gave the people of Seven Springs a reason to smile…. a future….. a sweet reminder that God sees all, knows all and will provide…a reminder that others care. The families in Seven Springs have been given one of the greatest gifts at Christmas… Hope in the Storm…


Friends and family of 83-year-old Carolyn Griffin are trying to convince her to evacuate her home after it was flooded in Seven Springs, NC


VIDEO SLIDESHOW: Hope in the storm… Seven Springs flood 2016